Five things I’m most frightened about

As we are coming to a end in my pregnancy chapters and about to open the parenting chapters, I’m so scared of the unknown and the what if’s.

These are five things I’m most scared about being a new mum.

  • No one tells you how emotional you are in your last trimester, all the crying and feeling down and frustrated. You begin to over think. ” well at least I am.” I’m worried that when my son is born I will still feel this way. Will I still feel overwhelmed?
  • I think this is a big common one for most new mums. ( will my baby love me.) it’s my most silly one but yet so many women stress about it the most. Why is that?
  • Will my parenting style work? I’m a very routine person and I think working in childcare and in the babies room already has definitely made me that way. For example I already have my own written up sleep routine for my son after he hits 6 weeks old. I already know that I want to keep my son off any sugars and bad baby foods for as long as I possibly can, I want to make all his dinners myself etc. but I’m afraid of giving up? Afraid of time management getting in the way? Will my parent style work or be a big fail?
  • Sleep deprivation! I am so moody already if someone wakes me up or if I don’t get a full nights sleep. Clearly a new born wakes up a lot at night for the first few weeks! I know this will be the biggest adjustment for me and Hayden to over come as new parents.
  • Getting my body back, this is one massive thing that has been playing on my mind. It’s not all about losing weight after my son is here, it’s about “will I feel sexy again for my man.” Will my boobs go back to normal, will I be able to stick to a very healthy guideline and workout routine with being a new parent? How long will this take me. I really hope I don’t fail as I want to be fit and healthy to do things with Hayden and my son as a family.

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