Truths about pregnancy

Real talk! This is all things all women know but chose not to speak about! As a first time mum I wish people told me the honest truth about pregnancy.

  • Bloating- you feel like a whale who just ate a whole horse. But don’t worry it’s only in your 1st trimester and most people probably just think it’s fat.
  • Morning sickness – it’s not just “Morning.” Mine never showed up during the day only at night. It was a pain in my arse.
  • Bathrooms – you visit the bathroom so many times you honestly feel like you could design the best bathroom ever.
  • Hormones – your man doesn’t need to find a new woman when you have split personality!
  • Kiss sex goodbye- it gets sore, your boobs are 100% a no go area, your belly is so big you forgot what your own lady parts even look like, feeling sexy left the building a long time ago and frankly your just too tired to even care to do that.
  • Pregnancy brain- honestly it’s a real thing! I have been calling people different names to their face or forgetting to even put on a bra some days.
  • Showers become a thing of the past – I honestly only have baths these days. After a long day on my feet at work a hot bath is good for the soul and my back. Of course I still shower when I wash my hair but most nights it’s a bubble bath with tea.
  • Sleep becomes non existent- I sleep better during the day then I do at night. Once you hit your third trimester it hurts to roll over, it’s hard to find a comfortable place.
  • The leaking is normal- liners are your best friend!
  • Your boobs! Mine I think have changed colour a total of two times now and shape! And not in a sexy way.
  • Walking becomes a chore- I hate going food shopping or to the shops, I walk so slow, now that he is head down I feel him right down their when I walk, my feet hurt like a bitch.
  • Sometimes you pee a little- if you cough or laugh to hard you might pee a little, it’s normal.
  • Hope you like blood tests
  • You think your showing a baby bump but really it doesn’t start showing until mid 2nd trimester.

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