Had my first dream about my son!?

This whole pregnancy I’ve wondered what my son will look like when he is first born, I’ve compared my baby photos to his 4D scans and Hayden’s baby photos as well. And yet I still have no idea what I’m going to get when I push! 

Being so close to my due date now, that’s something I think about a lot! I hope he has blue eyes just like his daddy. This whole pregnancy I haven’t been able to “see” a image in my head of what he will look like and it’s been driving me crazy! 

This morning I woke up and just had to have a laugh to myself. I finally had my first dream about my son and let’s just say wasn’t the kind of dream I was hoping for. 

For some reason I gave birth to an already six month old baby boy who had brown hair and white pale skin and a chubby one! 

I was dreaming about his first night at home from the hospital, Hayden changed the first nappy etc. then the weird part happened, my son for some reason had 3 eyes!! Why who knows? It gets weirder don’t worry! 

Not only did I give birth to a six month old baby that had more than two eyes, I began breastfeeding in my dream to my son… it felt so real I actually woke up because I thought their was actually a baby on my boobs! Don’t worry it was all in my head. 

On top of me waking up in the middle of the night to that crazy weird dream, when I did wake up I had my son kicking and having the hiccups in my stomach. 

I honestly think I’ve finally lost it! 

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