When’s the best time to leave work?

Being a new mum to be this was something I had a lot of thinking and planning to do. Because honestly when do you really know when to go on leave? 

Hayden and I had to really sit down and sort out our finances and plan bills, not to mention we moved houses in my second trimester which added a few financial issues. 

After our long chat which is never fun might I add! We decided me staying at work for as long as possible was the best outcome. Not only financially but also for my state of mind. Because I like to spend my weekends out even if it just means to go to the shops for bread and milk. So me going on leave early and being home all the time before & after baby probably would of made me go bat crazy! 

Plus I’ve worked at my workplace for four years full time, and been an educator for six. What is in a life without work! 

Once we decided that I would work right up until full term “ which didn’t go to plan.” We then had to really think about how much leave I would take. I only get paid for six months of that leave but my boss said your aloud two years and after that your contract gets cut. Clearly wasn’t taking two years off I knew that much! But my big question was six months or a year? 

This is when I took to work for my answer. Working in the babies room helped as I compared a child who started at six months old to a child who started a year later. My answer was simple! The child who started early was already very independent, this such child was walking at the age of 8 months old, was feeding herself at 8 months, was already singing songs and you could just make out what she was saying it was that clear and correct. 

The child who was already one and only just started that year, took months to transition, would cry at drop off, cry at pick up, wasn’t up to speed socially as where they should of been. This made my answer easy. 

“again this was only my observation between these two children, I’m not giving out parenting advice and saying negative things about your choice to parent.”

I took this information home and spoke to Hayden, he asked if I was 100% positive about going back to work when my son will only be six months old. I comfortably said yes. 

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