My honest review on the pregnancy app I use. 

For my whole pregnancy I’ve been using the app “ what to expect when expecting.” App. This is my honest opinion about the app. 

When you first open the app you have your home page, and down the bottom your given four other pages to open. 

You have your first page: Today 
This page is all about your baby. It tells you your week, baby’s size , what fruit that size is close too, how many weeks, a video link and a list of articles about pregnancy related stuff that benefits you that week. 

Second page: My week 

This page opens up to a few other tabs that are in this tab. First is “baby” this is a picture of what your baby looks like this week with information about its growth. Next tab is “body” this is all about the changes in you this week, what to look forward too, the symptoms you will feel. Next tab is “ products.” This page is all the recommended items that will benefit you this week. Next tab is “ask your doctor” this page is just questions women might ask or want to ask their doctors, it’s just a guild line to follow. 

Third page: tools 

This will come up with photo journal where you can update weekly bump pictures, test & scans a guideline of scans you should be up too etc. then baby registry a page you can start. 

Fourth page: community 

This is where you can join a group I’m apart of the ( January 2018 babies) this is a group of women who share how they feel, what is going on etc. it’s a place to connect to people who are going through the exact same thing. 

Last page: search 

Now that I’ve given you a rundown of the app, here is my run down! 

Things I’ve loved about this app 

  • As a first time mummy I’ve loved opening the app and reading interesting information about what my son might be up to this week. For example this week the app says my son should be head down and ready to go, baby’s movements are turning more into turns due to lack of space. 
  • I’ve also loved ready about all my own personal changes in the body 
  • I’ve loved reading all the women in community talk about what they are dealing with, some I can relate too and others I just find funny. 
  • I’ve loved the product suggestings as some I’ve found helpful. 

Things I’ve disliked about the app. 

  • I don’t fully believe how spot on this app is, most of the symptoms it says I should be having, I haven’t been. And as a first time mum I used to worry if that was normal. 
  • Sometimes reading what the other ladies are dealing with scared me. Some of the women seem a bit of a handful and others just scared me with how they thought they knew it all already. 
  • The video they show of week by week growth is really boring and I can never finish the whole thing without getting annoyed at the ladies voice. She just is too happy for me, and she always says she for the baby… when I know it’s a boy!? 

Would I use this app again!? I honestly don’t think so. I think for my first pregnancy it was fun to be able to download a pregnancy app and follow it like it was my bible or something but for the second pregnancy I think to make my mind at ease I should try a different app. 

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