3rd trimester

Currently 35 weeks pregnant and in a few days will be 36 weeks so I thought it was about time to sit my fat ass down and write all about my 3rd trimester.

Can I just say I’m so happy to be turning 36 weeks because that finally means I’ve reached 9 months which is the end!!! I’m so ready for my son and I’m so ready to have my own personal space back, fighting every night for the bed with Hayden and my son kicking and fighting for space as well hasn’t been the most enjoyable times right now.

My 3rd trimester has been the worst for me. Some women get blessed with the worst 1st trimester ” I wasn’t one of those women.” And an easy last trimester. But I think this is My body’s way of saying ( hey you need to learn pregnancy isn’t a walk in the park.) because I had such a easy first trimester I now have to experience a hard last trimester.

This trimester has been very emotional for me, I honestly don’t know how women can go up to 41 weeks pregnant I’m already struggling at 35 weeks.

My symptoms this trimester are:

  • Heartburn when I roll over in bed or get up or basically breath!
  • Struggling to breath he is getting so heavy.
  • Swollen feet due to the heat ( its summer where I live.)
  • Hot flashes all the time
  • No energy what so ever
  • Tired all the time
  • Feeling like a beached whale he is so heavy.
  • Struggling to eat any type of foods part from cold ice or slushes or ice blocks
  • Break sleep 3 times a night
  • Bathroom trips all the time
  • Struggling to walk as when I do his head is so low and right down their I can feel him.
  • Sore boobs
  • Crying on and off for no reason
  • Mood swings
  • Leaking on and off.

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