All about mummy & daddy

I’ve made so many blogs all about pregnancy and our son that I thought it would be nice to make a blog all about Hayden and I and how we met.

Hayden and I first met when we both were seeing other people. We both got invited to a friends surprise birthday party, he was with his girlfriend at the time and I walked in with the on and off again guy I was with. I walked in and Hayden was actually the first person I saw and then his girlfriend I think noticed that I noticed too so I clearly am not a home wrecker. After this party a few months had passed and it was someone else’s party, again we both got invited this time both single. But it was hard for us to enjoy each other’s company when both our ex’s showed up too.. ( that was our main issue was our friendship circle was a little too small sometimes.) so again nothing happened. But the next day we met up with friends and Hayden was there, we both just couldn’t stop talking to each other and it felt like I had known Hayden for years. That night we all went out and Hayden and I finally got flirty but again I really wanted to take things slow so that’s all that happened, he didn’t even get a kiss good night the poor guy!

After this night we texted and phoned each other every night and went on a few dates for months, on our last date he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. 4 years later and we have our tiny little home we love, I have the ring on my finger, and now our son is only just 4 weeks away of being here. I honestly love my hubby so much and I’m greatful every single day for him. I found my soul mate and I’ll never stop loving him.

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