36 week update

After having our last midwife check up Hayden and I have become way more excited for this new chapter we are so very close to beginning. At first we found the news a little scary knowing our son was fully engaged and could very well come next week!

But after lots of thinking and talking from both Hayden and I. We decided that we would love for him to come. Maybe not before Christmas because we both kind of want to enjoy our last Christmas as not parents. But we both would love a New Years boy! My grandfathers birthday is January the 1st and it honestly would be the best gift of all for our son to share that birthday date as well.

But we know that he will come when he is ready.

I’ve been feeling lots of pressure down their now that his head is locked and loaded. And have had cramps on and off for the past few days but it never stays which I guess is good.

My feet are so swollen and I think I’ve had the aircon on way to much the last few days but it’s just way too hot not to have it on!

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