Night routine- pregnancy style 🤨

Since being pregnant my night routine has become pampering myself. Because when your feeling like a beached wale every single day it’s nice to unwind with a little me time.

I love my baths right now. Having showers has become a chore for me because I just hate standing on my feet so I’m literally having baths every night. Not so great for my water bill but hey when your pregnant and sore bath it is!

Once I’ve had my bath I love getting straight into my pjs. Since being pregnant I love wearing nighties to bed, their comfy, easy for bathroom trips at 3am and cute.

Once I’m comfortable I love doing a face mask about every second night. Being pregnant has made my face very dry so pampering my face every night has helped. I was gifted ( Chinese ginseng & rice face mask.) from the body shop and I love it so much I went out and bought the body scrub.

Well I let my mask sit for a minute I usually brush my teeth and fill up a bottle of water for my night stand.

Once my mask is washed off I get into my comfy bed and rub my feet and legs with my coconut body butter, again this pregnancy and the heat has made my feet very swollen and the midwife recommended giving myself a foot massage.

After I’m all buttered up I take my hair out and get into bed and just browse social media and then lately I haven’t been sleeping well so I play some soothing sleep music and go to sleep.

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