Pregnancy isn’t so bad it’s just hard

Last night I realised how negative I’ve been about my pregnancy and I’ve forgotten to see the positives in my journey as well. In return this made me feel pretty emotional and shitty because I know so many women who would kill to just be in my shoes right now and would love being pregnant.

Yes my pregnancy has been hard, physically and emotionally. Yes I probably won’t be able to enjoy pregnancy again. But this blog post isn’t about the negatives it’s all about the positive. There is actually a few things I’ll miss about my pregnancy and here is the list.

  • Watching my belly grow, each week it just gets bigger and bigger and I’ve loved my bump. It’s a weekly reminder my son is healthy and growing
  • The movements & kicks. Having that bond between you and your baby already is so special, I love when he moves or gets the hiccups it’s the cutest thing.
  • Watching Hayden interact with our son by reading him stories already and kissing my belly, playing with our son to get him to kick. It melts my heart, the bond between daddy and son is already strong.
  • Maternity clothes! They so comfy!
  • How my son has brought my family closer together
  • Not going to lie I’ve secretly enjoyed Hayden cooking, cleaning & fussing over me. But I still end up re-doing the cleaning because I’m OCD like that. But I’m probably going to miss milking it a little.
  • Not having a period for 9 months has saved me some money and it’s been so nice to know I can wear white and nothing bad will happen! I’ll miss that
  • You can eat a whole tub of ice cream and no one judges you too much 😂
  • Going for scans was scary for me but once I saw him on the big screen and listened to his heartbeat it was always like I was on cloud nine.
  • The baby clothes! You just can’t help but buy the first cute outfit you see, when I go shopping these days it’s more for my son then Hayden & I.
  • Doing up the nursery, even though I re did this heaps of times. I love his room and now just find myself sitting on the chair in their just smiling. It’s probably my favourite room of the house.
  • This pregnancy has made my relationship with Hayden stronger. How can you fall in love with someone who you already loved before pregnancy, I honestly am so in love with Hayden and I can’t wait to extend our family and continue growing as a couple/ family.

So no pregnancy isn’t all bad! I’ve enjoyed some aspects.

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