2017 in review

I can’t believe it’s the 30th of December and we are about to kiss goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018. I feel very emotional about saying goodbye to 2017 because for me I feel like this was one of my best years, but I already can tell you 2018 will be 100% better only because my son will be born very very soon. But here is my 2017 in a nutshell!

Well first off I started my year off with Hayden as I do every year.

Then I decided to have a big makeover and cut all my hair off.

I got so see Adele live and it was truly amazing 😉< strong>< strong>Hayden and I found out we were pregnant!!! < strong>< strong>My first trimester wasn’t great, but we made it < strong>< strong>I went on a family trip with my parents and they got to enjoy wine and I didn’t < strong>< strong>< strong>I made my first ever pork roast and I think it was ok, no one died 👍🏻The bump became apart of me Baby items all day every day! We found out we were having a boy! We picked his name I had two amazing surprise baby showers and felt very loved. We finally finished our sons room My sister turned 30 and we had a party

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