Why I began blogging

It’s taken me a lot of courage to start a blog and now tell you all my reasons as to why I love blogging but here I am.

When I first started this blog I almost deleted it after someone had a negative comment to say about me blogging. But then Hayden who has become a man of many helpful words got angry with me. He said that ” I shouldn’t care about what other people think of me, if this makes you happy then do it.” He also went on about how he finds that I do care about what people say about me and asked why? I didn’t have an answer for me. But really I did I just didn’t want to say it.

I began this blog because I can truly express how I feel, I can be myself and write how I want to write. My whole life I’ve have people assisting me, telling me what to do, people clouding my judgement. I’ve never been able to find my own voice until I met Hayden. So my first reason for blogging is because i just like it, it’s a hobby I love and everyone that knows me does know I love to write about my life on Facebook all the time. 😂

My second reason for this blog is because pregnancy is long! You might think 9 months is not that long but just wait until your the one stuck being pregnant for 9 whole months and see how you cope with it. This blog keeps me busy, keeps me thinking of new content, things to write about, helps me to better my spelling too. It gets my mind off my pregnancy for a hour out of my day, and to be honest it’s nice because the topic of conversation people only seem to have with me these days are about my pregnancy. I had this lady the other day hold the door open for me and then started a conversation about how I must be really getting over being pregnant in this heat these days.. it was nice but at the same time I didn’t know this random person. Sometimes you miss not being known as the pregnant lady.

My third reasoning for my blog is because in my pregnancy I’ve learnt a lot! I’ve learnt that women sugar coat pregnancy, I’ve learnt people change, you change & your lifestyle changes. I’m a very honest person, even ask my friends. Sometimes I can be the ( Sheldon off the big bang.) so my blog is 100% raw and honest. It’s honestly me in a nutshell.

So I can’t wait to continue to bring more raw and honesty in 2018. I already have a few blog post lined up and once my son is born I can’t wait to write everything about my birth and being a new mum!

I hope you all enjoy your New Years!

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