Maternity leave is not a vacation

When you first think about maternity leave you think ” holiday” well at least I did at first. I’ve been working full-time for the past five years as a educator and only been on an overseas holiday once which was two years ago. So yes for me at first the thought of five months away from work was much needed. My job is very hard and go, go, go all the time. I’m a educator who looks after 12 children a day in my room but 26 on my roll all together. Once you take that into consideration of the paper work, all the names, family names, medical information, reports, interacting with the children, interacting with the parents. I could go on all day of how hard my job really is so yes five months off sounds like pure bliss at first, but this soon fizzled out and I’m already counting down the months until I go back to work.

Sure I haven’t given birth yet so my opinion will probably change about maternity leave so why am I writing about it, but I honestly feel like it probably won’t change to much and I’ll still feel this way once Lorenzo is here if not more. Again I’m used to 12 babies a day as I was the educator in the nursery so going from 12 a day to 1.. yeah I think it’s pretty safe to say my views on mat leave won’t change too much.

Since being on mat leave I’ve already lost track of my days, I find myself looking at my calendar on my phone just to remind myself it’s the 4th of January already and remembering what days are bin days, days I have social events planned and so on.

It’s hard being on one person income until my mat leave payments kick in. For all the Americans readers and I now see Ireland readers too ( welcome by the way.) in Australia your mat leave payments by work doesn’t start until proof of a birth certificate of your baby, sounds silly I know but a lot of people try to cheat the system and it makes it harder for the honest working people to do things, we have to go through the public system which is called (Centrelink) which this company then pays the money to my boss who then continues to pay me normally when it’s my pay week for 18 weeks then I’m back at work. But for the women who have to go on mat leave early ” such as myself.” Unless you have annual leave “lots of it.” You don’t get paid. So it makes for a very tight budget for Hayden and I but we are doing well. But it is bloody hard!

I also already really miss work?! Who knew. I hate being at home and not at work, I miss the kids, the staff, the late shifts even the staff meetings! Being away from work has made me fall in love with my job all over again. It’s the most rewarding & stressful job but it’s worth everything for it.

Your days go slower and your weeks go faster, I can’t get over the fact that we are already almost at the end of week one of 2018! But yet my days are so slow! I feel like it’s always 12noon for hours every day.

Also I can’t even tell you a) the last time I wore a bra. b) I wore makeup c) I wore my hair nicely down and not up in the “mum bun.” Most my days are spent in my sweats with my hair up, no makeup on and cleaning. I’m sure this will change once I’m not 38 weeks pregnant and I have my body back and I’ll be going out again but until then I’m rocking the homeless look pretty well!

I can’t wait to update you guys on my maternity leave journey and compare once Lorenzo is born! Hope you enjoy reading this rant of mine.

One thought on “Maternity leave is not a vacation

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