My pregnancy cleaning check list:

As I’ve already said in a few blog entries before, I’m a women who loves making to-do lists! For Christmas my friend bought me a check list and I’ve put it too good use!

My last month of pregnancy has showed me I love to clean and I’m very OCD about it. I found myself mopping every day and vacuuming my house when it didn’t need it. And the next day I would get bored so I would just clean the same way again because it gave me something to do.

Well with my new check list I made a routine for cleaning, every day I now have a cleaning check list and I only follow this. It helps me to not be so obsessed with cleaning every little thing every single day.

So here is my routine check list:

Monday: kitchen

  • Sweep & mop floor
  • Clean out fridge and wipe down
  • Clean microwave, oven and clean the coffee machine.
  • Put fresh water into the jug for the week.
  • Fill up ice tray

Tuesday: living room

  • Dust the tv unit
  • Dust the blinds
  • Vacuum the carpet and floor
  • Clean the sofa,
  • fluff the pillows,
  • vacuum under the couch

Wednesday: bedroom

  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Clean the bedside tables
  • Pick up clothes that might still be on the floor.
  • Wash the bed sheets / put fresh ones on.
  • Dust the blinds

Thursday: bathroom

  • Clean the toilet – bleach
  • Clean the bath – bleach
  • Clean the shower – bleach
  • Swipe/ mop the floors
  • Change the towels for the week. ( Hayden and I use the same towels for the week, he has his and I have mine.)
  • Wash the dirty towels
  • Clean the mirror and the sink

Friday: bins

  • Take the trash out
  • Washing! Lots of clothes lots of loads


  • Dishes ( we don’t have a dishwasher.)
  • Wipe down kitchen counter
  • Pick up lose items left out from the night before.
  • Make the bed.

This might sound OCD to some but this is my routine and i find it helps me so much not to go over board with always cleaning when I don’t need too. And I look at this routine and think to myself it will come in handy once Lorenzo is born because my house will never look like a bomb hit it.

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