preparing for your last month of pregnancy 🤰

Now that I’m a week shy of the end. I want to be honest and real with you guys that either you will go through this stage very soon or in the future or you’ve been their done.

It’s a month that first time mums will be anticipating with excitement ( I definitely was.) and for second time mumma’s it’s one your dreading which I definitely turned into. But these are just a few of the things I wish more women spoke up about or I just like to rant about!?

  • A month seems longer than a month, you feel like the last month is more like a year. You begin to lose hope of ever meeting your bundle of joy and what if you go over your due date!? ( god help me.)
  • Your mind has the ability to outline the worst things that could possibly happen and loves to play tricks on you about pregnancy. You try your best to block them out but trust me it’s easier said then done. Doesn’t help when I’m in the waiting room at the hospital and they have signs about still births on the walls.
  • You think it’s real labour every time you have Braxton-Hicks, ( well at least I did.) but once you drink heaps of water and relax and rest they usually die down. I’ve gotten to the point that unless my waters break or I start bleeding or if I try everything and the contractions are still their I’m not doing anything about it. So I’m hoping real labour will be different because I can just see myself being stubborn and not going to the hospital because I will probably still think it’s fake.
  • You go stir crazy! I jump at the chance to just drive in the car with Hayden to the local hardware store or even his parents house because it just means I get out of the house. If not I find myself mopping the floors every day.
  • You become very OCD. some call it nesting I call it a pain in my ass! I get angry at Hayden for sitting on the couch wrong ” yes apparently their is a correct way when your a hormonal crazy women.” I get so frustrated because I always fluff the pillows out and make the sofa looks nice and he comes home from work and just makes a mess of it. ( look I know I sound crazy, but I’m hoping it’s just pregnancy and it will soon die when I’m not pregnant.)
  • I’ve taken up a tv show to keep myself entertained well I’m home during the days alone. I love watching “law and order SUV.” & ” call the midwife.” Sure when your pregnant watching one show about children or women getting rapped doesn’t help me and makes me jumpy and ” call the midwife” also shows births that could go wrong so probably not the best pick of tv shows to pass my time but it definitely helps with my days. I’m not used to being at home all day every day, I’m used to working full time. It’s a massive adjustment for me which I will be writing all about.
  • You think your superwoman that can do anything, but really your the beached whale who walks like a penguin. So as much as you still want a social life and to go out with friends and go for walks or to the beach etc. honestly take it easy I went to the beach the other morning and was so excited, because we had the whole day planned as it was Hayden’s last day of holidays before back at work until our son is born. But just from walking along the beach I had so much pain & cramps that we unfortunately had to go home so I could rest. ( I was already meant to be on bed rest, so this probably wasn’t the best idea.) but i still believe it was worth it because the smell of sea water and being at the beach was relaxing.

These are just a few things I’ve noticed about my last month of pregnancy. I would love to hear back from any other mummies to be or mothers and see if any of these things happened to you or if it was just me.

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