Old wives tales to kick start labour!

Just like finding out our sons gender Hayden and I have been having lots of fun doing all these little old wives tales to see if this kick starts anything. I’m currently 4 days away until my due date ( 13th of January.) and have been told by the doctor his head is right their and she could fill him, but no other signs of labour yet.

We were told by our midwife that it’s about our baby’s lung capacity that kick starts labour and non of these tricks will kick start labour, so we are fully aware non of this will actually work but we enjoy doing these things because who knows when I’ll be or if I’ll be pregnant again.

These are the things google or other people have told us.

Natural ways to kick start labour:

  1. Raspberry tea ~ I’ve been drinking this every second night and although I like my tea I’m not a massive fan of raspberries. And unfortunately all this does to me is make me pee a lot! So nope 👎
  2. Spicy foods ~ considering I’ve been eating Japanese curry and other spicy foods my whole pregnancy I definitely am going to go ahead and just say this one is also a no. 👎
  3. Nipple stimulation ~ yep you read that correctly and the funny thing is the one most people swear by! Although Hayden jumped at the chance for this one ( he hasn’t been able to go near them at times.) we have not tried this one yet and I’m a tad scared too.
  4. Sex ~ just going to be 100% honest all sex does for me right now is give me really bad cramps ( Braxton-Hicks.) from doing too much, my son is way to active afterwards for my liking & the pressure on my pelvic bone afterwards to even turn or walk is just not worth it! 👎
  5. Walking~ again this brings the exact same pelvic pain that sex did. I actually couldn’t lift my legs onto the couch for two days after going for a long walk. 👎
  6. Castor oil ~ I heard this old wives tale from someone on Facebook, and I honestly don’t think I’ll try this one. It doesn’t sound safe so I probably will just leave this one for what it is, and that’s an old wives tale for someone else to try. 👎
  7. Acupressure ~ this one I had a old high school friend tell me she did with her second pregnancy and she said it worked. Although I haven’t tried this one and probably won’t, I am booked in for a pregnancy massage and they will be massaging all the ” pressure points” to kick start labour. This was suggested by the midwife to help with labour not kick start anything. So I’ll let you know if that one works!?
  8. Pineapple ~ again I’ve been eating this from the start of my pregnancy so again safe to say it doesn’t work. But I’ll keep trying because I love pineapple 😉👎
  9. Jumping ~ Hayden has enjoyed watching me act like a complete tool jumping in public places and on stairs so he enjoys this one, me on the other hand just need to pee every time I did this. 👎
  10. Walking up and down stairs~ someone I know who just had a baby in November swears she did this and it worked, I don’t have stairs at my house so unfortunately we haven’t been able to try this one. But I’m off to my parents house for dinner tonight and they have heaps of stairs. So I’ll definitely try this one, but I think it’s safe to say it will have the same outcome as walking I think 🤔😂

But there you have it! All these wives tales for pregnancy have been fun to do! But would I say they work!? My answer is hell no! But it’s been fun giving myself something to do for fun! It’s been like a little game which both Hayden and I have enjoyed.

If you have any suggestions I would love to here all about them and even try!? So feel free to leave a comment down below.

Also if you have been enjoying my blog I also document a lot of my pregnancy journey on my Instagram page which is Kate.caesar94 so please feel free to follow!

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