My dream job 🙌🏻

At the start of 2017 I found myself questioning if working as a educator was really the pathway for me anymore. I’ve been a educator for 6 years now and honestly was lost until I fell pregnant.

I know your all thinking, how can pregnancy make you love your job again!?

For me it was seeing my job in two different eyes. First eye being the educator role and the second being a mother. I began to understand these parents and read the children differently.

But also when your forced by the doctors at the hospital to go on light duties and give up a room you love to work in, it’s bloody hard! I cried so much saying goodbye to a room that I’ve worked in for 3 years. And to be honest it still upsets me. This year I’m on maternity leave until may then I’m back at work, so five months off work ( not that I’m counting.) and when I go back the room I’ve called my own will actually be my sons. ” yes I’m sending my child to daycare at five months old.” And I don’t know what I’ll be next year. I really don’t think I’ll be in a room which is a very weird feeling but it is what it is and I’ll adapt to change.

People always ask me why I’m still working in childcare. My parents go on about how the pay is very low and seems to not be worth it and I should study something and find a different career path. And yes the pay is pretty bad and I wish it was better but it’s a paying job ” some people would kill to just have a full time job and getting paid.” And it’s not about the money because I manage well living off my income. It’s about watching these kids grow into their little personality. Watching them get excited about the little things, watching the world through their minds & eyes.

This year I had a breakdown about my job, even went to other staff that I could trust for comfort, I felt like 2017 was a bad year for myself as a educator. Being pregnant made it hard, I had to take a step back, I had to be flexible, I felt lazy because I’m used to rushing and go,go,go but I just couldn’t do that in 2017. I found the room I worked in hard when your pregnant.

I can’t wait to get back to work in may and not be tied down by my son in my stomach. And really be me again as a educator and get to engage with the children better. I honestly have the worlds best job and I wouldn’t change it for anything

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