My son will be in childcare from 5 months old.

This subject is a touchy topic for some women and I’ve already felt judged by a few of my friends for my decision to go back to work so early & have my son in daycare 4 days a week.

I am giving 2 years off work, 18 weeks paid and the rest unpaid but my job role will be kept for 2 years. At first I was going to take a year off work because Hayden and I have been financially ok living off one income so it was a subject we did bring up. But I really don’t think i could be so dependant on Hayden for a whole year. I’m used to having my own money and my own little luxuries and I just can’t not work!

I’m a bit of a workaholic I’ve noticed. I already miss going to work so much and it’s only the first month of my leave. So honestly the thought of having a year off, I think I personally would drive myself mad!

But this is about my son starting daycare at five months old.

Sending my child to daycare so early on has so many benefits for him. And as a educator you can always tell which kids started daycare too late compared to the kids that started early.

These are the benefits for my child starting daycare at five months old.

  • My son will grow well at routine, which will benefit at home & daycare.
  • Study has actually proven that a child that began daycare at a young age thrives academically in school years.
  • He will learn so much such as fine & gross motor skills
  • He will be able to adapt easily to different environments and not be afraid.
  • Children that begin daycare from a early age develop better social skills & confidence when older.
  • He will reach all the correct milestones with the help of his educators & us at home.
  • Will help him form his own personality from a early age
  • Helps with speech.

But of course as a first time mother I still worry that I might be sending him too early. The educator side of me is telling my inner self that your doing the best thing for your son, he will be able to learn & grow so much more then what I could ever teach him just being at home.

But the new mummy side of me also wants to cry because sometimes when people make their comments about ” it will really effect him via sending him too early.” It makes me feel like a horrible mother. My mother in law has said that if I want to go back to work I can but I can also just leave Lorenzo with her. Hayden at first jumped at this chance but I did not. I honestly do believe Lorenzo will benefit so much by starting daycare young. And we will both still be together because I’ll be working at the same daycare as him so I think this will benefit my mother needs as well.

I feel like I’m making the right decision for my son and our family and that’s my point of view on starting daycare early. But I would love to here yours?

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