Insomnia during pregnancy

I’m a girl who loves her sleep. I’m the girl you don’t wake up because I’m very emotional if you do so. I’m not a morning person and I never will be. So when I got told I’m one of the 78% of pregnant women that suffer from insomnia I wanted to cry.

Sleep insomnia is not harmful to my baby in anyway it’s just more a pain in my ass!

Since I hit my third trimester sleeping became a thing of the past. I literally can’t fall asleep until 3:30am when the sun is beginning to slowly come up and I usually wake up around 9am so that’s only a total of six hours of sleep if I’m lucky. This is my daily struggle that I’ve faced for the past month.

I’ve been told my reasons for having insomnia are caused by anxiety and OCD which is also a sign of postpartum depression. My doctor thinks once my son is born all my anxiety will probably leave.

I asked why he thought I had anxiety and he said because I don’t have control. This I found very interesting because I thought of myself as not the controlling type. But the more I went home and thought about it the more I began to laugh. I learnt that I’m actually a very controlling person. I have to know what’s next basically and not knowing that at the moment is giving me anxiety which in return hasn’t let my body relax and unwind at night so I instead stay up all night until my brain finally just shuts off.

My doctor said I should focus on relaxation at night, I asked how!? He made a few suggestions such as

  • Colouring in book to relax the mind
  • Reading before bed
  • Listening to sleep music or a podcast of someone.

I only just saw my doctor yesterday so last night was my first night being able to try this out and unfortunately I forgot to do any of these. So again I was up until Hayden’s work alarm went off and then I went to sleep. So tonight I’ll try one of these and let you know how it goes.

But for anyone who also suffers from anxiety depression in late pregnancy or did, what things did you use or do that helped because I am always open to trying or listening to new things.

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