Why I loved Singapore 🇸🇬

My trip to Singapore was a massive cultural shock for me, but a good cultural shock.

Singapore is definitely full of people, I remember this being my first thought. My second thought was it’s so clean! They take a lot of pride in their environment and their was not one piece of litter on the roads.

My third thought was the food was definitely a different style to what I am used too, curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And theirs no such thing as ” mild.” My first butter chicken from the man my friend and I soon called the “nan bread man.” Because his nan was AMAZING. I asked for mild butter chicken I’m pretty sure he laughed at me. I began eating and my mouth went numb and I felt like it was on fire! But once I grew custom to his butter chicken I fell in love with it! We would eat at his ” restaurant.” Nearly every day. Tiger bear and butter chicken with garlic nan! Yum!!!

Singapore was full of cultural history. We stepped inside a “wet market.” One day and it honestly scared me a little and I’m surprised I wasn’t sick but at the same time I found it so fascinating how they run their meat business.

One massive thing i learnt about Singapore was that once you stepped outside of the “tourist areas” and saw the real Singapore it almost gave off that vibe that you had stepped into India.

The temples were truly beautiful this one ☝️ was hand made out of dolls all painted different colours and it was amazing.

Not only has Singapore got a lot to see, I learnt so much about Singapore, we learnt that you have to bid to own a car, and bid to hold a drivers license. Chewing gum is banned, littering will get you a fine. Singapore is full of people living their they actually have a rule for how long you can live in one house for. All the history behind Singapore was truly fascinating to me and I think that’s why I enjoyed this place so much.

Singapore had this amazing place called ” gardens by the bay.” And it was everything they say it will be. For someone who is not a plant person I loved every minute of it.

If Singapore is not on your travel bucket list I really think it should be. It isn’t a big country so for the week we were there we did everything Singapore had to offer.

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