39 week update

Well I did it! I’m one day away from my due date! I was able to carry a baby for 9 whole months! Yes lots of bitching from me along the way and lots of health issues I didn’t expect to happen but it has been so worth all the tears, all the pain & stress because I’m so ready to start the chapter of motherhood. Growing up I actually didn’t think I would ever get to see this day of bringing my own into the world. But I’m so glad I was blessed with this little bundle of joy.

Week 39 wasn’t easy and of course I wasn’t surprised.

My symptoms this week were.

  • Pelvic pressure, I now can’t roll over in bed without wanting to cry it hurts so much.
  • Backaches
  • Throwing up was a thing this week
  • Feeling nauseous all week on and off
  • Headaches on and off all week.
  • I’ve been really hungry most days
  • No sleep.
  • Anxiety
  • Burping randomly a lot!
  • His movements have slowed down a lot

I really hope this is my last pregnancy update and that I will not have to make a 40 week update but if he is anything like me, something tells me he will be fashionably late!

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