24 things about me, myself and I

Tomorrow I turn 24 Years old so I thought I would open up to my readers a little bit about me. Although I am not ready to share every personal thing about my life and life experiences just yet I will share 24 things about me.

  1. I have 3 sisters
  2. My favourite colour is blue
  3. My whole family still lives in the Uk & America but my parents moved to Australia.
  4. My favourite animal is a hippo
  5. I hate scary movies
  6. When I was younger I would tell my mum that I didn’t want to get married and live in the city and own a cat.
  7. I am now a dog person and not a cat person.
  8. My mother is a nurse & my father is a police officer.
  9. Growing up in my household was hard because both parents always were working. My older sister sometimes had to take the role of big sister and mother
  10. I was bullied so bad in high school my dad actually got into a fight with my school principal and wanted me to change schools. I said no because it wouldn’t solve anything and it would of made the person who bullied me win.
  11. I started dancing at the age of 4 and quit when I was in primary school to take on netball which I played up until year 11.
  12. I didn’t learn how to swim until later in life.
  13. I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until year 12
  14. Because I was bullied I’ve always had issues with my appearance and weight and it’s a weekly struggle.
  15. For someone who is 24 I’ve been thrown some massive life battles along the way.
  16. I first moved out of home when I was 18 with my boyfriend at the time and friends, I moved back home at the age of 19.
  17. I hate the beach
  18. I love winter over summer
  19. Growing up I wanted to join the police force but my father didn’t want me too.
  20. I want two children ” two boys.”
  21. I know I’m the odd duck out of all my friends and a bit weird sometimes.
  22. My grandmother thought me how to knit at the age of 20
  23. I’ve always wanted to adopt or foster a child one day.
  24. I pray every night when I’m in the bath or shower in my own time, I don’t talk about my faith too much because Hayden isn’t catholic and nor are my friends but they respect my beliefs so I don’t ram it down their throats.

One thought on “24 things about me, myself and I

  1. A happy early birthday to you! I’m sure sorry about the struggles you mentioned, especially the bullying – that’s not right. 😦
    I have three sisters as well. 🙂
    And I think it’s really neat that you pray while in the bath/shower! I usually reflect and think a ton during that time but I love the idea of praying instead. Thank you for the inspiration! ❤


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