My pregnancy journey

I’m well over due and ready to pop! I’m finally having my baby boy, we are getting induced this week ( I’m keeping the day a secret.) but I’m starting to get the pregnancy blues and I’m actually going to miss my bump and the crazy journey Hayden and I have both enjoyed for 9 months. Although pregnancy just wasn’t for me I would 100% do it all over again. Yes even the pain, years & hospital visits.

But with all this said let’s take a look down memory lane.

I was a week overdue but honestly I never really thought to myself that I would be pregnant. It wasn’t until I was at work one day and my trusty jeans I called my “work jeans” because they say size 12 but I had definitely over stretched them and they had paint stains that just never came out. All day I felt uncomfortable in them and my button kept popping. It was a Friday and on the way home I just had this massive gut feeling ( I looked at my tracker.) and I realised I was late. This wasn’t uncommon for me and I had just had bleeding a few weeks before so I didn’t think i was due for at least one more week. Boy was I wrong! I bought the cheapest pregnancy test kit and I did two as soon as I got home. And one the next morning. I was in complete shock! Hayden and I booked in to see our doctor straight away because I was very confused as I legit had bleeding 3 weeks before and it just didn’t add up.

But no it was definitely real! We got so excited and told everyone in our families.

We announced our pregnancy on Mother’s Day to friends and the rest of social media. I love the way we did our big announcement, we bought Nike socks for our friends baby boy but once we found out we were pregnant we couldn’t give them up because both Hayden & I had matching Nike shoes.

Our first scan. It didn’t happen the way we had planned too ( which I’ve already spoken about.) I was alone and scared and thought I was about to find out I had a miscarriage but that six week old heartbeat was stronger than ever.

I began documenting our journey straight away.

Each week I would write what week we were and size of baby etc. it was definitely fun and exciting for us to read each week.

Our next scan was at 13 weeks. We still didn’t know if it was a he or she but man it was the best feeling seeing our little bean turn into a baby. Definitely was already cheeky and would move around like crazy which was so nice to see as I couldn’t feel him at that point yet.

Then came the guessing game! We had booked in for a early scan to find out the gender of our baby. So we played a little game with everyone until we found out. Most of our family and friends voted girl but boy was also high in the score tally.

But it was a boy!!!!

Our next big scan was at 20 weeks.

Then came all the baby buying! And setting up his room.

But at 24 weeks all that almost came to a crashing stop.

We almost lost our beautiful boy. I was so sick with the flu it ended up effecting him. His heartbeat had dropped a lot, I was vomiting up blood, couldn’t keep food or water down, I was so dehydrated that it effected him. I was put on a drip and after 3 long hours of not feeling him I finally could feel him move again, I was kept in over night but thankful he was ok.

My bump just got bigger and bigger! It was amazing to watch him grow.

I began buying and buying! 😂

became a family

r boy was growing very well.

was I!

began getting everything ready for his arrival.

continue to play the waiting game!

This journey has been a roller coaster of emotions. It has physically and emotionally broken me. But it’s now that I can look back on these memories and actually feel proud. And to be honest I would do it all over again because the end result is 100% worth it.

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