Getting induced

Well I didn’t expect this to be the outcome to the end of my pregnancy journey but here we are. I’m officially 41+4 days overdue and trust me I’m over it!

Can I just start off by saying that I take my hat off to my own mother who has had five pregnancy! I can’t even do one and now Hayden is already on my case about baby number two. And I’m just sitting here feeling like a beached whale and the thought of being pregnant any time soon sounds horrible to me. Give me at least a year babe ok!?

But I’ve gotten myself side tracked and this is all about how I’m getting induced very very soon 😉

When we hit our second trimester i was told how big our boy was and I was measuring two weeks ahead of my due date, we got told he would make a early arrival into this world, and he almost did but thankfully it all died down.

But now I sit here 41 pregnant and struggling to just get off the couch these days and no sign of little Lorenzo what so ever.

We had a hospital check up at the start of this week and they tried a stretch and sweep ( did nothing..) and i also found out information that to be honest I really wish they would of picked up on a whole lot earlier on in my pregnancy. I’ve definitely had mixed reviews about the hospital I’ve chosen to have Lorenzo in. ( it’s always a hit & miss with the hospital) but I’m sure it’s like that wherever you decide. Nothing is perfect.

But again I’m getting off topic. At my check up at the hospital I found out a few important things about my son that it all makes total sense now. Firstly I was told that my cervix wall is shorter then most women’s and is very high up. ( this I’m completely surprised of how this has never come up with any of my past doctors or midwife check ups.) they think this has something to do with my low muscle tone.

Second thing is my little man is posterior facing. For those who don’t know what this means. ” I’ll add a little picture.”

e is facing the correct side down but just not in the correct birthing position.

But I've been told I can still labour with him posterior facing.

The effects of having a posterior baby are:

Longer pregnancy

Not starting in time ( labour) before a induction is scheduled.

Labour is longer and stronger

Rhythmic than expected

Start and stop labour patterns

Back labour

More likely to tear

After being told about all this information it explained so much to me and I had a better understanding of why my pregnancy has been the way it has been. Once we were told all this our midwife booked us in for our inducement date and spoke to us about what will happen.

The best form of inducement they said was the balloon catheter. I was hoping to go with the gel but unfortunately I didn't get to pick ( which again I was a little frustrated with but I'm sure the midwifes know what they are doing.)

For those who don't know anything about the balloon induction then your in for a treat because I'm about to get real and honest with you all!

They start by placing two small balloons either side of my cervix and this pressure against the wall will help open it up more and thin it out. The balloons will be defeated then filled slowly with water once placed correctly.

Hopefully if all goes well and the balloons do their job and work that magic the balloons will pop but if not the doctor will remove the balloons after 12 to 18 hours.

Once they remove it they will break my waters the following day and then I'll be in active labour.

It's taken me a while to not be scared about what could happen. This is definitely not my ideal plan for how I wanted to give birth to my son but like I stated in my birth plan post. This is why I never made a birth plan. Because at the end of the day the way your baby comes into this world will never be what you picture or plan in your head, I'm scared for my induction but every time I begin to over think about it and feel myself getting scared I just have a lot of social media and see all these amazing women in the world that have their children, and I just feel happy and relaxed again because of all these women for more then 50 years have been able to give birth then I sure as hell can fight the pain and try my best to focus on the positive of all this, and that of course is my son will finally be in my arms.

Today is actually my last full day of being at home before I am off to the hospital and I've been catching up on house work ( even tho it was already cleaned… I double cleaned.) I have washed my hair and taken care of me today, painted my toe nails and finger nails and just been relaxing with my hubby for the last time as just him and I.

I'm going to be signing off for a few days and will probably be back late Sunday with a blog post, I've decided to take some time away from social media and will be enjoying my new family.

Thank you for all the new followers to this blog, it makes me feel so happy that people from all around the world are actually interested in my daily rants! I have so much exiting new content for all my readers coming your way and have been working hard on a few projects already and can't wait to watch my mummy blog grow once my little man is here.

If you have any suggestions to blog post you would like me to write about please feel free to write a comment down below.

I'm officially ending the pregnancy blog journey!!! Woohoo!!

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