My birth story

My day began at 5am I didn’t plan for a 5am wake up but my ever so darling man decided we had to be up at 5am because it getting into the hospital was going to be crazy with all the morning work traffic.

By 6am we left the house to make our way into the hospital, we had “heaps” of time to stop for breakfast so I forced a bit of a maccas drive thru brekky. We made it to the hospital at 7:19am which was actually perfect timing because we had to be their at 7:30am.

The midwife took us up to our room and things began to move along well.

They checked his heartbeat and mine and we had a chat about everything that would happen today. The midwife I was given was amazing she was very good at her job and I loved having chats with her I felt very comfortable and I was very happy to finally have a nice midwife. The last few I had to deal with just didn’t have the best bed side manners.

Our morning was slow they were a bit behind on staff that morning so once they did all the health checks I was left alone until around 10am. Hayden had a nap and I enjoyed some colouring in to kill the time.

At around 11am I was taken into a different room and they began the induction. It didn’t hurt at all putting the balloon in but once she started to fill it with water I did start to feel massive pressure. But it wasn’t so bad it just made me want to pee. It was very uncomfortable to sit and I began to have lower back cramps straight away. After an hour and finding a way to relax the cramps turned into very strong contractions, I would be in and out of sleep and get woken up every 30mins to a massive contraction that would last for a while. I was given something for the pain and I fell asleep within an hour of taking it.

I woke up at around 4pm and noticed the contractions had definitely stop which I was happy about because the real deal is no joke! It’s definitely different from the fake ones and I can’t believe I made a big deal about the Braxton-Hicks because they are so easy compared to the real deal!

I took one look at Hayden and joked that i changed my mind and think I wanted the epidural after all.

My midwife came back in around 4:30pm to check up on me and baby and we were told we would be moved to the birthing room at around midnight or 1am to get the balloon removed and they would take it from there.

So we had seven hours still to kill, Hayden and I were beginning to get a tad bored with being stuck in the same room all day so we began to play a few games. The first game we played was ( he had to guess what animal or object I was by the sound I made.) he hated that game and looked at me like I was the crazy one! Then we played thumb wars and other little games like that. Hospital stays are always a tad boring that’s for sure and we still had to play the waiting game until he was born.

At 10pm things began to kick start a little, my balloon and the tube it was attached too was beginning to become lose which was a great sign. Because it meant that my cervix wall was opening. They say if it falls out that means your cervix wall is at 4cm dilation. So it was a great sign that I could fill it and it was beginning to fall out. Our midwife came around for the final check up on babies heart beat and my heart rate and again he was perfectly happy and even began playing with the midwife and continued to move so she would have to re start the counts of his heartbeat. Even after getting forced out little Lorenzo still really just loves my womb!

Hayden and I both tried to get some sleep but sadly we just couldn’t. I was too excited at that point and Hayden’s bed in the room wasn’t so comfortable. But to help with the pain I found sitting in the hospital chair very helpful and Hayden would love when I was on the chair because he got to enjoy the comfortable bed.

Around 12:30am – 1am we got moved to a birthing room and it was go time!

at 1:30am they broke my waters and in true Kate fashion I freaked out and thought i peed myself and said out Loud ” did I just pee myself with such worry in my voice.”

Then straight after they hooked me up to a iv and drip and took bloods, then right after that came the paper work. ” so much paper work.” His birth certificate run through, blood cord, yes for shots straight after birth the list goes on.

At 2am my contractions started and we finally got left alone after just feeling rush rush rush.

at 5am I was 6cm dilated and the contractions became way to much for me to just deal with on gas. So I caved and asked for the epidural. It definitely eased everything but that’s when all the troubles began. My body didn’t react well and I was so sick and also Lorenzo’s heartbeat went from 135 to 78 which was bad. This happened twice during labour and each time it did there would be just a mad rush of midwifes and two doctors coming in and checking up on me.

Finally the time came to push! At 10am it was show time! In 30mins Lorenzo was born!

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