Being honest & real

I’m only two days in on this whole being a parent thing and I can already confirm it’s bloody hard!

Yes maybe my entrance into motherhood was scary and hard and about 50% of women won’t have such a terrible start to motherhood like I did but can I just say it’s bloody hard after labour! Yes that’s right the easy part was labour ( in its own kind of way!) the hard part is the recovery in the hospital. ( again this might also just be me.)

As a first time mum it’s a hard process. First off you just pushed or had a c section and gave birth to your child, that’s a massive milestone in its self. But to then say in hospital for however long you need too and also just trying to being a new mum is hard! And even if your not a first time mum and knowing your other child or kids are at home and your stuck in hospital.

I loved the hospital stay for a few little reasons but I found my stay hard for a lot of other reasons. My reasons for loving the time in hospital were.

  • If I had a question ( I had a lot being a first time mum.) I freely could ask and the staff were more then willing to help.
  • Knowing your in the care of a hospital and that if something goes wrong then your in the best possible place.
  • You learn so much

But with any hospital they all come with some issues and my were a little towards the hospital and more just how I felt. Such as

  • Some days you get amazing midwifes and others you get some that you want to hit in the face ( or at least I did.)
  • You feel so depressed because your stuck in the same confined area for however long you are. mine was four whole days. And most pregnant women feel the pregnancy blues ( I definitely am.) then to have to be in a hospital and at nights mostly by yourself it gets you feeling your worst.
  • The hospital I was in definitely caters more to the mothers and not so much to fathers. Which again totally agree but first time dads just like Hayden need to learn too. I had to show Hayden what way a nappy faces and that the cord has to hang out of the nappy. I just think more hospitals need to also have classes for men, I actually think people would be surprised how many men actually want to learn these things.

I decided because Hayden also went through this and stayed in the hospital with me most of the time, I would get a fathers views on everything.

Hayden’s positives are the same as mine he says.

The issues he found with the hospital.

  • Support for the fathers were not their.
  • Crap food.
  • He didn’t feel welcome some times

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