Our first week

It’s been a week since i gave birth to my amazing little prince 🤴

My first week of being a mummy was hard. New babies definitely don’t come with a hand book. When I was pregnant I thought my hormones were bad… but guess what they get worst after birth!

This week I have struggled to find myself. I know that sounds weird but it’s the truth. Your whole world changes and you think you’ve prepared yourself for being a mother, but it’s a massive adjustment you knew about but until you go through it you never will fully understand.

Lorenzo has been the best blessing for myself & Hayden and it’s honestly the best feeling in the world being a mother. The love my heart has for Lorenzo is endless and I love watching how much he has already grown in the space of a week.

Lorenzo learnt to smile this week. And has become very aware of what’s going on around him. He loves to watch everything and everyone. He loves cuddles and definitely loves his feeding time.

Lorenzo feeds 3 times a night and 5 times a day. He was on 50ml formula but we found that he just always wanted a top up and was feeding lots. So I decided to up his formula feeds we tried 60ml at first but still he wanted more, we eventually found that 90mls was what he wanted. He sleeps well and sleeps a total of 6 hours a night and all day and will only wake for feeds. We are trying to better the sleeps so that during the day he is more awake and at night sleeping more, but it’s still early days.

Lorenzo hates his bassinet and will only sleep with me or Hayden he is very attached to us and I also believe it’s because he knows our “smell” we are again working on the crib but until then we bought a co- sleeper for our bed so we can all sleep together.

s umbilical cord dropped off this week and he officially has a belly button. He definitely is growing into his face shape and looks more and more like his daddy each and every day.

Lorenzo seems to of put himself into a routine and it has been working well for Hayden and I.

9pm- first bottle – daddy duties 90mls

12pm- second bottle- daddy duties making the bottle, mummy feeds well daddy goes to sleep for work. 90mls

3am- mummy feeding time. 90mls

6am- mummy / 90mls

9am- mummy/ 90mls

12noon- mummy/ 90mls

3pm- daddy / 90mls

6pm- we take turns/ 90mls

Our first week as a family has been a hard one but we wouldn't change it for anything.

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