Adjusting to motherhood

This new chapter in my life has been full of emotions, some highs & some lows. Having a new born is definitely hard work but honestly I love my new role as being Lorenzo’s mummy.

I’m very much missing my full 8 hours of sleep but that’s ok too. And the newborn stage is hard to cope with and sometimes I find myself crying with him at 2am in the morning but I know that this phase will pass and right now Lorenzo needs all of me so I pull myself together.

Now that Lorenzo is 12 days old I’m slowly trying to get myself back into a routine and Lorenzo into one too.

I’ve started setting an alarm for 6am to wake up before Lorenzo wakes at 6:30am, I do this to give myself half an hour to have some me time ( which you miss a lot being a mummy.) I have my shower, get dressed and I sometimes have time to make a coffee before Lorenzo wakes. I know this is only something small but it makes my morning/ day a whole lot easier and I feel some what normal again.

I’m trying to mix my ” old life.” In with my new life.

My nights are slowly getting easier as I’ve started pre making his bottles before I go to bed, I fill 4 bottles up with 90mls of water and I have the formula tin sitting right next to the bottles, this has made it so much easier for me when getting up at 9pm, 12am, 3am..

I’ve also had to adjust to my new lifestyle. Before Lorenzo was born I was working full-time and was a very social person on weekends. Now I’m off work for a few months and my social life at the moment is going to the shops with Hayden and Lorenzo to buy food. I’m still adjusting to a whole new lifestyle and I’ve been finding it hard not going to work every day.

But I’m also adjusting to myself as well, some days I don’t feel like me anymore and it’s hard to snap out of the moods. It’s still a very big thing to get used too. I’m no longer just Kate. I’m Kate the mother of Lorenzo and sometimes I still feel as if someone was crazy to trust me to be able to raise my own child. Sometimes I feel like a failure but I constantly have to remind myself that Lorenzo is fed, he is happy, clean and sleeping which means I’m doing just fine.

Too all the new mothers out their just like myself we are all doing a amazing job and we are rocking at it!

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