Our relationship after baby

Not only are we adjusting to being parents we are also trying to adjust to being ourselves, new parents and still remember to love and be kind to each other.

I’m definitely one that has been honest with you all from day one and I will remain honest with you all.

At the moment Hayden and I have been more focused on our son and that hasn’t left much time for us to just be us. At nights we are that tired now that we forget to kiss each other to sleep and we both kind of sleep. I’ve been a little snappy of late and he knows I don’t mean too. We definitely still are loved up and a little cheeky at times with each other but it’s still very different from before baby to now.

I know that once we get the hang out this whole parent thing we will be back on track and better then ever, but yes at the moment we both have been a little distant from each other at times but also still loved up. I guess you could say we are just confused puppy dogs still trying to find our legs.

I’m sure others can relate and we are not the only ones.

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