Trying to break a bad habit

When I was just the educator and wasn’t the mother as well, I used to get so annoyed at the parents who co-sleep with their children, well now I get it!

From day one Lorenzo hated sleeping in his own little bed even in the hospital he would only sleep on Hayden or I. This continued once we got home. So yes for me it was easier to just let him sleep in our bed with us. Of course I went out and bought a one of those co-sleeper mats for our bed so we wouldn’t roll on him etc.

but lately Lorenzo has become a little fussy and I think this is my doing.

Everyone knows Hayden and I didn’t exactly have the best pregnancy and in fact we almost lost Lorenzo a total of four times, even after he was born he had to face a few health battles of his own. So naturally I’m very protective of my baby boy He is still so little and anything could still happen.

So I’ve gotten into a bad habit of when he cries I come running and at night when I try to put him in his own bed and he begins to cry I automatically pick him up.. I know this is a bad habit and I’m slowly learning that the hard way as he has started to get very fussy.

So I’m doing it! I’m going to put on my big girl pants and try to transition him from our bed to his own. I really don’t know how this will go but I’m hoping I can survive the first night.

Putting him to bed was easy, he fell asleep straight away and I knew that would happen. I am just more scared for his first wake up feed.

At 12:50am he woke up for his feed. Tonight I tried something very different and fed him well he was still in his crib so that way it was a little easier on me.

By 1:09am Lorenzo had seemed to of stopped drinking from the bottle so I took it away and gave him his dummy, now the real test would be to see if he sleeps or will I crack and put him in our bed with me.

I waited for a while to see what he would do, he would get rid of his dummy and I would put it back in every time until he eventually gave up. He closed his eyes and looked like he had fallen asleep. I still continued to watch as I didn’t trust that it was just that easy!

By 1:13am he was a sleep! I couldn’t get over how easy that was and honestly felt like crying because this whole time it was just me that was the problem when it came to his sleep patterns and not him.. he knows how to play mummy big time!

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