Two weeks with Lorenzo

Two weeks ago I gave birth to Lorenzo and I can’t believe he is already two weeks old!!

I am loving every moment of being his mummy and it’s the best feeling in the world. I was definitely ready to be a mother and I’m so thankful every single day for being able to have such a healthy little boy.

Our second week of life with baby L has been much easier then week one. My body has adjusted to my new sleep pattern so I don’t feel so tired anymore. And Hayden and I have found a night routine that works for him and I both when it comes to feeding.

We are still trying to work on Lorenzo when it comes to sleeping in his own bed. Some nights we have successfully done this and others he sleeps with us. ( no one is perfect.)

Lorenzo is 100% formal fed and my breast milk officially has gone which was a little sad but I guess Lorenzo is an ass man and not a boob boy!

Lorenzo now can hold his head up on his own and is getting the hang of his neck, he loves tummy time which is great, he is still not a fan of getting dressed or undressed and still cries a lot! But loves bath time!!

Lorenzo also has become a bit of a mummy’s boy which I think is because Hayden is back at work so a lot of his time is spent with me and I do most of the night feeds. But I’m sure once Lorenzo is older it will be all about daddy and going fishing etc I’ll just be the women who cooks and cleans his clothes so I’m enjoying all the mummy kissed & cuddles before he decides I’m no longer cooler then his daddy.

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