Products I love for newborns

Since the day Lorenzo was born he had very dry skin ( which is very common for over due babies.)

But now that he is two weeks old we have found that the brand we were using wasn’t working and was making his skin worse. Which I was very sad about because I was very excited to use this product.

We tried a few other brands of baby wash & shampoo until we finally found a brand we loved and works well.

We found that Lorenzo has very sensitive skin and brands that are not “eco” friendly his skin reacts too.

We were recommended “MooGoo” by our local chemist. At this point I was willing to try any brand. So I bought the shampoo to try first and I loved it! So I went back and bought the scalp cream for his cradle cap, nappy balm for his bum and even a balm for breastfeeding mums. ( even tho I’m not breastfeeding my boobs are still leaking & very sore.)

My first review on this brand is that I absolutely LOVE IT! Not only do they have a few items for babies they also have a massive range for adults. They do moisturisers, a range for people with skin problems, ageing creams, oils & serums, sun safety, hair care, cleaners and deodorants.

This brand is all natural based and the baby range is also edible so you have a peace of mind that your child is not inhaling bad chemicals.

I’m loving this brand but it does have a bit of a cost to it, I wish I was able to buy more but it all added up. But because it works so well for Lorenzo’s skin I will keep buying.

I too have sensitive skin with some facial products so I want to buy some skin products from this brand to try for myself.

But all in all if I had to review this product out of 10 I would definitely give it a 9. I just wish it wasn’t $25 for one bottle.

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