My postpartum body

It’s been two weeks since I gave birth and I’m starting to feel like me again.

When I was pregnant I really thought I would jump straight back into working out and losing the baby weight. But being a new mum has taken first priority over my weight right now.

I’ve decided to take things slow and lose the weight in a realistic time frame. I’m giving myself a year to reach my goal weight. I want to lose the 9kgs I put on during pregnancy then an extra 9kgs on top of that which in total will add to 18kgs all up.

I think giving myself a year is definitely a good goal. Hayden and I have already spoken about so this together as he wants to lose weight too. ( even tho he definitely don’t need too!) ” I have a sexy man.”

But at the moment I’m still waiting for the all clear from the doctor & midwife to begin working out again. But until then I have been getting my walking in and have found a new walking track near my house that I enjoy walking. And there is a park at the end on the walk so it definitely is kid/ mum friendly.

I definitely miss my pre baby body.

But I know I can get back down to that weight and size I was happy with again. But I’m doing it in my own way, no extra pressure, no unrealistic expectations.

I definitely feel like if I had told myself only a few months for me to lose all that weight I would already be setting myself up to fail. But giving myself a year allows me to enjoy this new journey of being a mum. This isn’t about just losing the baby weight, this is about my new family and being healthy and fit and a strong role model for my son and future children.

So my new mum bod at the moment is suitable for right now, I’m embracing the big boobs, big hips and flabby tummy but I definitely know their not going to be a permanent fixture that defines me.

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