Update on Lorenzo sleeping

His last update about his sleep wasn’t that crash hot!

But I’m happy to report that he finally is doing much better with his sleep and I’m so happy I could cry.

Turns out my son is a tummy sleeper which at first scared the crap out of me for obvious reasons. But since seeking advice from my midwife that still comes for home check ups and my local GP, Hayden and I have decided to put Lorenzo on his tummy for his day sleeps but at night he is on his back but we pat him to sleep on our chests then transfer him to his cot.

We are also so excited to announce that Lorenzo now only wakes once a night which is usually not until 1am for a feed.

Our night routine has changed a little and it goes a little something like this.

6pm- feed

7pm- sleep


2am- feed

5:30am- feed

Lorenzo is sleeping for a total 10hrs to 9hrs at night and still having 3 feeds a night but for me I’m only having to wake once as I usually go to bed after his 10pm feed.

He is officially 3 weeks old tomorrow so I’ll be doing up at routine sheet in the next coming week. Once he hits 1 month old I’ll be transferring him onto a routine.

I’m so happy how far Lorenzo has come in the last 3 weeks and I love to watch him grow.

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