One month postpartum

My expectations of what I thought my body would look like/ how I feel after giving birth are definitely different to what it’s actually like.

This past month has been one big blur to be honest and I’m only just starting to find my feet. I was told this would happen but I was in a stage of denial and thought I would be fine and just jump right back into gym and being myself again. Well turns out I’m struggling to find five minutes to myself these days and I usually find myself sitting on the toilet just for alone time.

But I’m starting to get a hang of this whole mum thing and I’m slowly easing my way into walking again and trying to go to a few health classes at the local heath centre. I will be honest some days I eat healthy and other days I buy two chocolate Easter bunnies because they are on sale and eat them… so I could be harder on myself with healthy eating but look the fact that I’m remembering to even feed myself at this stage is amazing!

My one month postpartum update:

  • Sleep deprivation is getting better or my body is just starting to get used to the lack of sleep.
  • I fit my size 16 jeans again which I’m happy about.
  • The bleeding has stopped after 3 weeks straight ( thank god!)
  • Lorenzo is in more of a routine so I’m starting to be more in a routine myself
  • I finally have time to stay on top of cleaning and washing
  • I go for long walks at least twice a week at the moment and I’m trying for more walks.
  • I feel like I have my body back.
  • My hormones are becoming less crazy ex girlfriend and more me again. ( Hayden is definitely happy to see the back end of those mood swings.)

I’m definitely embracing my new body and slowly starting to learn to love all the flaws and imperfections because Lorenzo is my constant reminder that I’m a bad ass for not only creating and growing him but I pushed that out of me. I did it and I’m going to own this new body and be happy doing it!

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