Scared to go back to work

I love my job, I love the girls I work with, I think I have an amazing boss ( I’ve had bad ones in the past) and I love being a educator. But my life has changed and my number one priority used to be work but now it’s my son. I go back to work in two months and I’m actually really emotional about it all. I don’t really have a reason to be so emotional because my son will be in daycare 4 days a week at my work but I also don’t know where I’ll be or my new job role. I used to be in a room full time but I still don’t know where or what I’ll be doing.

I made the decision not to take a year off work and that was my personal choice and I’m still sticking by that decision. But I’m starting to re think going back full time. But also in saying that I have already enrolled my son full time so what’s done is done. And I know my son is safe and I can visit when I need too.

I am scared the educators in the babies room won’t let me see my son during the day and I sometimes feel like crying thinking about that because I really don’t want to get off on the wrong foot with the educators and I will respect their wishes because as a educator I know it’s hard but I also hope they understand my feelings and respect mine as well.

If anyone has any tips I would love to here them because I am starting to get rather depressed thinking about work and leaving my son for a whole day.

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