Postpartum fitness

I have one more week until I’m in the green zone to start doing weights and other form of workouts that’s not just cardio and I’m so ready!

I know I should be proud of my body and all that I’ve just accomplished but to be honest I hate my body right now. But I know that if I don’t do anything about it then I’ll always feel like this. I’ve decided that I should stop using ” I just had a baby.” As a reason to get out of healthy eating and working out and actually get off my ass and do something.

When it comes to working out I’m great at that. I love working out and going to gym but boy do I really suck at healthy eating! I just hate the meal prep and the time it takes and because of that I usually give up and that’s why this time I’m not setting myself up to fail.

Now that I have Lorenzo I want to set a better example for him so this definitely is a lifestyle change. Both Hayden and I have decided to do this together. ” let’s just see how long Hayden last for.”

To stay on track this time and see the best possible results I’ve decided to do a workout program which comes with a meal planner so I’m excited to see the results. I’m happy that Hayden will be doing this with me because it means we both will keep each other on track and in line.

I’ve weighed myself and written it down and taken before photos and I’ll definitely keep you all updated on our journey.

Let’s get this body back!

Before baby body

During pregnancy

After baby body!

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