Dummy or no dummy?

This is definitely a topic I’m struggling with right now, my son is on a dummy but if I had to be honest not by choice and now I’m finding that he is starting to get attached to his. This makes me nervous for the future and trying to get him off the dummy.

So if giving the dummy to your newborn such a good idea? And when is a good time to try and get them off the dummy?

These two questions are playing a lot of my mind lately. I really don’t want that annoying child who still has a dummy when he is two and has teeth issues because of this, but I also know that the dummy is what makes my son sleep better and I’m scared to not have a dummy for him.

I have been reading this article about the pros & cons of your child having a dummy, from what this article has said. The pros are,

  • A dummy helps sooth your baby to sleep.
  • A dummy is similar to a transitional object and help babies calm down when upset or scared.
  • Sucking on a dummy helps produce saliva which helps reduce plaque build up when they start growing teeth.
  • Research indicates babies who suck on dummies at night may have lower risk of SIDS.
  • Helps babies with their sucking reflex

The cons

  • When used past 12 months old it has been known to have speech problems on that child.
  • Dummies also cause dental problems later down the track.
  • Using dummies for long period of times without break can harbour ear infections by enabling bacteria to move from draining well.
  • Weaning a child off the dummy becomes more difficult as the child gets older.

Here are my views:

Although I agree with most of the cons I’m really not a expert so I can’t comment on the pros or the cons. But as a educator I have seen first hand the damage dummies have on children. I’ve seen children be so attached to their dummy that when taken away by parent they have the biggest meltdown. I’ve seen children have wonky teeth from their dummies and I have seen children who talk funny ( as if they still have a dummy in their mouth.)

But now being a mum if my son didn’t have a dummy I would rip my hair out! Because that’s his way of going to sleep and it works well all I have to do at night is feed, change put to bed and because of his dummy he goes straight down without a cry. But i definitely know that I don’t want my son so attached to his dummy. So I do realise at some point I will have to transition him off. But when is a good age?

I’ve made sure Lorenzo is only having a dummy when he wants it, I don’t force the dummy in his mouth just to keep him quiet and when out and about i have the dummy near by but he rarely takes it during the day. Lorenzo seems to only want / need when its his sleep times day & night.

I’ve decided when Lorenzo is six months I will try and transition him off the dummy but more aim for the age of one to be completely off the dummy for good.

Who knows if my plans will work or if they will change. All I know is the effects it will have long term if he stays on a dummy for too long.

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