The story behind my two engagements & rings

Yes you read that title correctly but don’t worry it’s been twice with the same man.

Hayden and I met five years ago we began dating March 14th 2014 but had Been seeing each other since February when we met at a party.

After a year of dating we began living together and in that year he asked me to marry him. ( not many people know this full story.)

It was a 3 years and Hayden had just come back from his work trip. He used to work away. 1 week stay 3 weeks away. ( it was bloody hard!)

Anyway back to the story, it was our 3 years and he was home so we planned our date night. We love Southbank markets here is Brisbane and it still to this day is our number one date night destination. That night he said I’ve planned something special. But because it was just our 3 years and it was cold and night time and I honestly had no idea what was about to happen, I wore jeans and a top with a jumper AND NO MAKEUP.

Our Southbank market nights always end with dessert and sitting along the water and just being cute. This is how he asked me. He got out this piece of paper with a poem written on it which because it was our 3 years I didn’t think this was odd. At the end of the poem he wrote some lovely words which ended in ” will you marry me.”

When I read those words I looked up and he was smiling. I had already been wearing the ring as I was given a promise ring that turned into our engagement ring.

I loved the way he asked me to his wife it was so relaxed and very us but I never loved the ring. And he knew that now I’m sure people reading this will think how selfish of me and each to their own. It didn’t mean I spent days crying about the ring and I wore it with pride.

A few years later and I was off overseas to Singapore & Thailand. I was spending my first Christmas away from him as he had work and I went with a friend. We decided to do gifts once I was back because I was going to buy him stuff from Thailand. But we had both asked each other what we wanted. I in a joking matter said a new ring. He said no straight away and I left it at that.

Once I was back from Thailand he took me out to the waters and we walked along the jetty and got ice cream. When walking along the sand he stopped and got on one knee and asked me again to marry him, this time opening this nice wooden little box with the most amazing ring I had ever seen.

So their you have it the story behind my two engagement rings and don’t worry I picked out my wedding band and I love it 😂

I Understand this might make me look selfish but in no way did I pressure Hayden into buying me a new ring he chose to do that.

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