6 week with Lorenzo

I was only going to updating every month but so much has been happening with Lorenzo that I’ll most likely forget when it’s his 2 month update. But I’m sure in the next two weeks I’ll have more to update on.

What Lorenzo can do:

  • He rolls over onto his tummy or back in his sleep.
  • He can now grab objects
  • He can hold objects for about a minute
  • Hold his head up well
  • Kicks his legs really well. His fine motor is pretty good
  • Holds his own bottle for a few seconds
  • Can look at objects and responds
  • Facial expressions are well
  • Has started making little baby talk sounds.

Lorenzo’s sleep update:

Lorenzo has definitely gotten so much better now that we put him on his tummy. He only wakes once a night and sometimes if this mumma is really lucky not at all. During the day he has gotten into a sleep pattern as well. So I’m so proud of his sleep. Because as you all know he used to only sleep long period of times when he was on someone. Also with his sleep he only sleeps if he is in a room by himself and it’s a bit dark and the fan is on and he is rugged up. So whenever I’m at other people’s house I take the travel bed ( pic below.)

Lorenzo’s routine:

I began a routine with Lorenzo but unfortunately he wasn’t following it very well but I noticed he has gotten himself into his own routine without even realising it. So I made a new routine going off by his own little routine habits.

  • 5:30am wake up
  • Bottle as soon as he wakes
  • Nappy change and dressed for the day.
  • Awake until 8:30am
  • 8:30am-9am he goes to sleep.
  • 11 – 11:30am he usually wakes
  • Bottle / change.
  • 3pm – 4pm he naps
  • 5:30pm – bath time
  • 6:00-6:30pm he feeds
  • 7pm bed
  • 1am feeds

His afternoons always change and I’m still trying to work out his routine for afternoons so I definitely believe this will change when it’s his two month update. But at the moment this works really well both both him and I.

Things we are working on with Lorenzo:

  • He sometimes can be very fussy. I’ve been told this is just a stage and it will pass but to be honest with you all, when he is fussy that makes me stressed and in return we both end up having a bad day.
  • He hates red lights in the car and begins to cry when stopped, so I’m trying new ideas for when he is in the car seat.
  • He also doesn’t like being in his pram too long and I don’t know if it’s the pram it self or he just gets bored I don’t know?

Lorenzo’s Feeding update:

Lorenzo has been on formula since birth and since birth he has been a very vomiting baby. Over the past two weeks it has gotten worst and he sometimes throws up the whole bottle. We went and saw the child health nurse at the hospital and she said he could be just a reflux baby and to try the special bottles and reflux formula. We did this for a week and it made it worst and not better. I decided to try changing the whole brand of formula all together which she didn’t recommend doing so until he was older but I was purely out of options. Since changing his formula brand from Aptamil colic formula to S-26 gold he has stopped and is just over all a different baby he seems happier and less upset and not vomiting.

Lorenzo is definitely growing into his own little personality and growing so much I love watching him grow out of the newborn stage and into the 0-3 month stage.

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