Our first child free day.

Over the weekend Hayden and I had a few hours to ourselves well my sister and her boyfriend looked after Lorenzo and it turns out we are a bit lost without our son.

It was a rainy Sunday and my sister came over for a visit and some how that turned into Hayden and I leaving and trusting her with our son.

Hayden and I got in the car and were excited to see where the day would take us. Well it took us on a 3 hour car ride in the pouring rain not knowing what to do!?

Yep you read that correctly 😂

Hayden did have a plan but I was making things hard for him. He drove down to water and had this idea of us finding a cute restaurant to go and eat lunch, we got their and walked around trying to find a place to eat but I didn’t like any. So we got back in the car and decided to go find some place different. Well that turned into a 3 hour car trip driving from one area to the next, but it was the best random car trip ever.

It hasn’t been just the two of us in six weeks and if I’m being honest we haven’t really been nice to each other at times in the past six weeks, that mostly has been my fault as lack of sleep and Hayden always at work my hormones have been extra crazy. So the car ride in the rain was actually a great chance for us to just talk and be us again.

We laughed a lot and mostly at the fact that our first child free day and we were a bit lost without Lorenzo with us. We drove around and down streets we always pass but never drive around. We talked about our plans for next weekend and some how that turned into buying a dog chat which turned into pulled up on the side of the road looking at dogs and actually looking at one.

Our random car trip to find some place different ended up going to the same place we always go. And we even ran into my sister with Lorenzo 😂

So you could say our first child free outing was a fail but also a good day because I got to spend it with Hayden, even if we were lost puppies.

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