His first temperature

Lorenzo had his first needles yesterday and it was painful for both him and I.

Being a mother has definitely changed all my emotions something so normal like getting my sons health checked and needles can make me cry so much and feel every sad emotion.

I find myself getting so worked up about Lorenzo’s health ever since our un- healthy pregnancy with so many ups and downs and then when he was born and his sugar levels being so low he was almost put on a drip. With every check up on Lorenzo to see how he is doing I always worry that he is not going to weigh the correct weight that he should be at, and that we will end up in hospital again. I worry about silly little things like that but with every check up I am always reminded that he is doing amazing.

Lorenzo is weighing at a very healthy 4.47kg and 59cm long. The only issue we now have is that he has baby eczema which in some cases goes away over time if not it’s a easy treatable health condition with the skin which we will have to be a eco friendly product based household to help Lorenzo.

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