Life update

I took some time away from all my social media accounts and to be honest it was much needed and the best decision I ever made. I’ve got rid of my Snapchat and have limited myself to only update Facebook and Instagram twice a week. So for the future of my blog I’m a little unsure.

The past few weeks have been crazy!

Lorenzo is now two months

I’m finally feeling like myself again just got extra padding around my stomach and hips 😂

Hayden and I are finally both getting the hang of being parents and he has definitely stepped up which was much needed.

We also have started to build and work on our relationship more and spend more time together without Lorenzo and this has helped us communicate more as parents.

Lorenzo is reaching all his milestones and I’m slowly trying to not be the educator and turn every play time into a learning experience…

I’m finally on top of a routine in our home life and with Lorenzo so my house is always clean now and washing always done.

Lorenzo health with his formula and feeding is good now and he is healthy and slowly becoming my little chubby baby boy.

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