Breakfast smoothie & workout

My breakfast smoothie for my

Monday morning is pretty yummy and easy. I really can’t stomach protein powder very well so I have to add lots of fruits to hide the taste, but I know too much fruit is also high in your natural sugars so this is also my treat and my breakfast.

  • Mixed berries ( handful.)
  • Banana
  • Spinach leaves ( handful.)
  • Milk or water ( cup)
  • Vanilla protein powder 1 scoop

My morning workout of choice was:

  • Kettlebell deadlifts- 15 reps ( repeat 3 times)
  • Squat & kick back- 15 reps repeat x3
  • Star jumps – 50 reps
  • Plank- 1 min
  • Donkey kicks rep 15 repeat x3
  • Flutter kicks rep 1 min

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