2 months with Lorenzo

Has it really been two months since i gave birth to my beautiful son!

These past two months have definitely been challenging but I definitely wouldn’t change it for anything!

Lorenzo has been exactly the way a newborn should be. He has his fussy moments, hard moments & cute as a button moments


Lorenzo’s routine has changed again he now goes to sleep at 5pm but if we are out he still goes down at 7pm just fine. At first I didn’t like how he goes down at 5pm and tried to keep him awake until 7pm but he would just be way too upset and I’ve since accepted the time and also realised that it will probably change again.

  • 4:30-5am wake up
  • 5:30am feed
  • 6-7am- nap
  • 8-9am- play
  • 9:30am- feed
  • 10-10:30am- quick nap ( sometimes)
  • 11:30-1pm- nap
  • 2pm- feed
  • 3:30-4pm- play
  • 4:30pm- bath
  • 5pm- feed
  • 5:30pm sleep
  • 7pm- dream feed then bed.
  • Sleeps all night.

Lorenzo’s milestones

  • Grab items ( loves to pull hair…)
  • Smiles a lot more
  • Interactive back when spoken too or playing etc.
  • starting to giggle
  • Bends and kicks legs well ( strong leg muscles)
  • With his legs and on his back he can move himself backwards only.
  • Self soothes to sleep
  • Loves watching objects
  • Is starting to use that baby language and talking with sounds and coo’s
  • Kicks very well
  • Can have his feet flat when held up and moves them one at a time ( I think he will be walking before he can crawl 😂)


Lorenzo is definitely a foodie! He was 120mls but has since been put on 150mls.

Weight & height.

Lorenzo’s weight is 4309 which is 9.5 pounds. And his height is 5.9cm so he is healthy and not overweight or under for his height and age.

Lorenzo’s Fractures

  • Birth mark on his foot
  • Blue eyes
  • Hair colour is changing from a strawberry blonde to light brown

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