How I plan my days to be a productive mummy

Now that Lorenzo is two months old and on a routine I finally have my own routine when it comes to those everyday household chores.

First off Lorenzo’s day routine does change depending on his mood/ sleep from the night before. For example if he sleeps all night which is most of the time these days, his first morning sleep is 9 to 9:30am put down and he usually sleeps until 10:30 or 11am if I’m lucky. But the nights he wakes for one night feed which seems to be twice a week. His first morning sleep is 7am-8am then he has a cat nap around 10am to 10:30am.

So for his morning sleep which ever that may be, that’s when I do the mad rush of cleaning bottles from the night before, doing the dishes from the night before ( I’m a morning dishes person not a do them straight after dinner.) but theirs a question which do you do, night or next morning? Once kitchen is clean I usually have a short window were he still is sleeping so I fit in eating, cleaning or do a workout. But this changes depends on my mood that day.

His afternoon nap is always the long one and the nap I get most of my housework done and loads of washing etc.

one thing I’ve always loved about Lorenzo is that he is so routined ( which he clearly gets from his mumma.) every night without fail 7pm on the dot he goes down to sleep. So you probably would think this is my time were I get to sit and relax… theirs no such thing as relaxing. This is usually when I clean the living room after feeding him and I go boil the kettle and pre make his night bottles ( not the formula part of course.) and then I go shower and by then it’s 8pm and I’m ready for bed.

This routine works for Hayden and I. Things get done and we both are happy so this is how I’m productive. This will change in a month and half as I’m back at work soon so hopefully this mumma can stay on top of things.

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