Our first Easter as a family

Our Easter long weekend started with a bang and not a good one, our two month old is teething… yep you read that correctly! When the doctor first said teething I honestly thought he forgot my sons age so I said Lorenzo was only two months. My doctor laughed and said he knew and that some babies are just early birds when it comes to teething.

Teething begins from 3 months or 6. But my son decided 2 months was a great time to start!?

And his issues with his milk and formula is back and he has been non stop vomiting along with his teething. But I’m determined to make his first Easter a good one as these are going to be the moments he remembers.

For Easter every year I will me making a little Easter basket filled with little goodies only small because it’s not Christmas but I like the idea of him having a Easter basket filled with pjs or clothes rather chocolate every year. So this year for his first Easter basket I got him a outfit to wear Easter Day and my mother and my sister both got to bunny rabbit toys.

This year my grandparents are over in Germany for a family member so unfortunately the tradition of them hosting was different this year but I put my hand up to host. I planned fun games for us to play such as a adult Easter hunt and a egg race etc.

I made the traditional chicken noodle soup that my grandfathers mother made every Easter 🐣

We did our family Easter egg hunt and a few Easter games.

We dressed up and went to church ⛪

Although Lorenzo was too young for his first Easter and was a little sick we made the most of it. And I can’t wait until next year when he is a little older and will get excited for these type of things.

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