Easy sensory play for babies

img_2155As a educator and now a mummy I went to Kmart to get some reading books for Lorenzo as I love to read to my son every night before bed. Walking into the book area I was disappointed to see that it was empty. I think the whole time me being in the book area I saw maybe two other families compared to the rest of Kmart which is always busy. I went home to speak to my husband and I told him that I was confused as their are so many great books that these parents could be reading to their child. Toilet training, sharing, mum goes back to work, even Anzac Day stories. I told Hayden about all the teaching they could learn just by these picture books and that’s why I’ve already began reading to Lorenzo. But Hayden being the voice of reason said that most parents just like him don’t see them the way I see them, most parents don’t think such simple things is actually helping educate their child.

Here is all the sensory activities you can do with a newborn. ( 0-3 month)

  • Tummy time with mirrors, bubbles, water.
  • Play gym to kick legs and arms to build muscle
  • Black and white objects/ shapes for sensory play as they are colour blind for the first 3 weeks.
  • Picture/ sensory books for tummy time
  • Roll a ball over your baby before bath time on their feet and hands to see their reaction and for simulation
  • Bath-time can also be fun for newborns, move their legs for them to kick water for sensory this will help them get used to water.
  • Peek-boo
  • Singing songs that have hand actions
  • Reading stories
  • Musical toys for sounds
  • Playing on the grass or sand
  • You just talking to your baby using facials.

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