Reaching those milestones

Since the day I was pregnant I think I was setting my son up with pretty big expectations to meet once he was born. I remember thinking that he will be on a routine straight away… my son didn’t go on a routine until 1 month old and that was on his own doing, which has since changed and will keep changing as he reaches those big milestones. I think once he hit 3 months I’ll try and put him a routine but I’m not going to push it.

But my point is that I’ve had these expectations for Lorenzo for a while and this is were I think the educator side of me comes out. I am always checking the milestones charts and trying to see what he needs to hit each month and I find myself getting fussy with the time frame of when he meets them.

I don’t know why I’m this way as I look at the milestone chart and he is already reaching the 3 month stage and he is 2 months. But yet I’m still sitting here trying to teach my son crazy things!

I’m finding it so hard to turn my educator glasses off and not over analyse every activity I plan for my son. Every time I play with Lorenzo in my head I’m always thinking about which outcome this would be under ( you’ll understand that if you are a educator.) and which NFQ it meets.

How do you turn off being a educator first and mummy second when I’ve been the educator role for seven years. I’m struggling and having massive mum guilt because I keep over pushing Lorenzo when I should be enjoying these baby moments before he grows up too fast

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