How I survived the first month of being someone’s mummy

The title says how I survived but the reality is I almost didn’t.

My first month was emotional, draining and some day hell. Those women who you think have their crap together… well they don’t, they just are way better at hiding it then you or me. They chose to hide the ugly and only show the good for the women yet to go through this, here’s the run down.

Your hormones are all over the place, breastfeeding is hard work and it’s not something that comes naturally to some women and your only getting about 3-5 hours of block sleep daily.

Once you add that all up your this over emotional, sleep deprived, frustrated women that has to still keep her shit together some how and look after a baby who is 100% dependent on you. The one thing I really regret is not accepting the help, I chose to do it on my own because I didn’t want anyone to think I was a bad mum because I just needed four pair of hands rather two. I soon learnt that was a horrible idea and help is good!

Asking for help does not mean your failing it simply means your making good decisions for yourself and your baby, because you all over the place is definitely not going to help calm down a crying baby. Trust me I learnt the hard way. Your still getting used to being someone’s mum and your baby is still getting used to you.

Some women get easy newborns and others get fussy newborns. Lorenzo was 50/50 he had his great moments with sleep and fussy with his milk. It took me a whole month to finally just put my hands up and accept the saying ” do what works for you.”

For the first month I tried to stick to everything I was been told by Midwife’s and other people. And it made me way more stressed until one day someone who has four children of her own said those five little words ” do what works for you.”

And guess what! My life became 100% easier and Lorenzo seemed a lot happier.

My final advice for surviving the first month is too get out of the house. The days I made plans and left the house, they were my good days.

Those days are filled with happy hormones and you feel less trapped and more like yourself again. The days I was at home they were my pulling my hair out/ staying in my pjs days.


You will miss all the crazy of the first month, it all becomes a blur and your baby starts to get less dependent on you and you begin to miss it. So enjoy this crazy stage of not knowing what day it is and how your still walking because it’s gone in a blink of a eye and you’ll want to do it all over again.

Too all the mummies out their you are all doing an amazing job and it shows because your child is fed and happy.

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